Where the West Is Fun!

There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s you, Pardner. Grab your cowboy hat, pull on your boots, and ride on over to this year’s San Diego County Fair as we celebrate the legendary rough-and-tumble Wild, Wild West.

Horses are man’s best friend out here in the West, where you can learn how to saddle up, rope and riiiide-em’ cowboy. Try your hand at panning for gold, or set up camp out on the prairie and tell tales ’round the campfire. When you’re feelin’ parched, mosey on over to the Painted Pony Saloon and sip on a tall sarsaparilla while you try your luck at playing faro, grand hazards and other authentic old timey games of chance and skill against the infamous scoundrels and desperados of the Old West.

Explore an old stagecoach, but hide your valuables or you might get held up by scurrilous outlaws like Billy the Kid, Jesse James or Black Bart! Meet the rowdy women of the west, like Calamity Jane and “Little Sure Shot” Annie Oakley.

Hey howdy hey, 2017 is gonna be the rootinest, tootinest Fair in the whole durn valley!