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Passport To Savings coupon book

Passport to Savings coupon book includes over 100 offers valued at more than $1,000 to all your favorite foods, rides, shopping, and attractions. Pickup ONLY available inside the San Diego County Fair – Passport to Savings Booth Locations Inside (O’Brien, West and Durante Gates)

Your online purchase will be a voucher that you bring to the Fair to redeem for the actual coupon book. Redemption booths are located inside the Fair at the O’Brien, Durante, and West Gates.

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Vendor Deal
San Diego County Fair ‭FREE San Diego County Fair Return Admission Ticket‭ (‬Regularly‭ $‬19.00‭)‬
Chicken Charlie’s $2‭ ‬OFF an order of FryBQ Ribs and Fries
Chicken Charlie’s $2‭ ‬OFF an Order of Zucchini Curls
Chicken Charlie’s FREE Medium Drink w‭/ ‬Purchase of Shrimp and Chips Platter
All Beef Hot Dog Buy‭ (‬1‭) ‬Corn Dog‭, ‬Get‭ (‬1‭) ‬FREE‭ ($‬6‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Chicago Style Hot Dog Buy‭ (‬1‭) ‬Authentic Vienna Beef Chicago Style Hot Dog‭, ‬Get‭ (‬1‭) ‬50%‭ ‬OFF‭ (‬Regularly‭ $‬8.50‭)‬
Juicy’s Buy‭ (‬1‭) ‬Corn in a Cup at Regular Price‭, ‬Get the 2nd FREE‭ ($‬5‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Juicy’s Buy‭ (‬1‭) ‬Turkey Leg at Regular Price‭, ‬Get the 2nd 50%‭ ‬OFF‭ ($‬6‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Juicy’s Buy an Order of Curly Fries‭, ‬Get a Cheese Bacon Topping FREE‭ ($‬2.50‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Juicy’s Buy a 3‭ ‬Turkey Leg Taco Plate‭, ‬Get 4th Turkey Leg Taco FREE‭ ($‬3.33‭ ‬Savings
West Coast Weenies Buy‭ (‬1‭) ‬Sausage Dog‭, ‬Get‭ (‬1‭) ‬Small Drink FREE‭! ($‬4‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
West Coast Weenies Buy‭ (‬2‭) ‬Foot Longs‭, ‬Get‭ (‬1‭) ‬Regular Corndog FREE‭! ($‬6‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Olde Tyme Ice Cream Get a FREE Hand Dipped Ice Cream Bar w‭/ ‬Purchase of a Hand Dipped Cheesecake on a Stick for‭ $‬8‭ ($‬6‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Tasti Chips Buy‭ (‬1‭) ‬Large Chips‭, ‬Get‭ (‬1‭) ‬FREE Small Fare Chips‭ ($‬5.75‭ ‬Savings
Tasti Burgers SAVE‭ $‬5‭ ‬on ANY Burger Combo Meal‭ (‬Kids Meals Excluded‭ / $‬5‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Phd & Me FREE Souvenir Cup w‭/ ‬Beverage w‭/ ‬the Purchase of ANY Pretzel‭ ($‬5.75‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Pink’s Hot Dogs FREE Turkey Dog w/Purchase of a Large Soda‭ ‬&‭ ‬Fries‭ ($‬8‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Papa Gino’s Pizza Buy‭ (‬1‭) ‬Pizza Bread‭, ‬Get‭ (‬1‭) ‬Medium Drink FREE‭ (‬Regularly‭ $‬4‭)‬
Chuckwagon And Texas Style Bbq FREE Waffle Fries w‭/ ‬Purchase of BBQ Sandwich‭ ‬&‭ ‬Soft Drink‭ ($‬5‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Crutchee’s Cream $1‭ ‬OFF Dole Pineapple Whip‭ (‬Regularly‭ $‬6‭)‬
Watermark Concessions Buy‭ (‬4‭) ‬Tacos‭, ‬Get‭ (‬1‭) ‬FREE‭ ($‬4.75‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Blue And White Concessions $2.50‭ ‬OFF Hamburger Combo
(‬Regularly‭ $‬13.50‭)‬
Blue And White Concessions $2‭ ‬OFF Hot Dog Combo‭ (‬Regularly‭ $‬10.50‭)‬
Dippin’ Dots Any Flavor Soda‭, ‬Any Flavor Dots‭, ‬Save 20%‭! (‬Regularly‭ $‬8‭. ‬Now ONLY‭ $‬6.40‭. ‬Enjoy a Delicious Cold Dottie Treat‭!)‬
Stuffies Buy‭ (‬1‭) ‬Order of Unicorn Fries‭, ‬Get 2nd 50%‭ ‬OFF‭ ($‬4.50‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Wood Pit Bbq $3.75‭ ‬OFF a Turkey Leg w‭/ ‬Purchase of ANY Size Drink‭ ($‬13.75‭ ‬Savings
Roxy Restaurant Get‭ (‬1‭) ‬Small 16oz Drink FREE w‭/ $‬10‭ ‬Food Purchase‭ ($‬4‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Lion Coffee/Tropical Taste Co. Buy ANY Large Specialty Drink and Get 2nd Drink 1/2 OFF ($4.95-$5.95 Savings)
Lion Coffee/Tropical Taste Co. $1 OFF ANY Large Bag of Coffee or Large Drink, up to 5 items (Nitro Coffee, Cold Brew, Coffee Expresso, Tropical Iced Tea) ($1 Savings )
Fried A Fair FREE Fried Twinkie or Snicker w/ Purchase of (2) Like Items ($6 Savings)
Old West Cinnamon Rolls $1 OFF up to (4) Rolls ($4 Savings)
Kokopelli Indian Fry Bread FREE Churro w/ Purchase of a Taco & Medium Drink ($4 Savings)
Sunset Grill $6 OFF Two Combo Meals (Regularly $36)
Pignotti’s Gourmet Italian Buy ANY (2) Sandwiches, Get a FREE Medium Drink ($4 Savings)
Pignotti’s Gourmet Italian Buy (2) Lasagna Nachos, Get (1) FREE Medium Drink or Refill ($4 Savings)
The Copper Kettle FREE Bottle of Water w/ Purchase of a Large Bag of Kettle Corn
($3 Savings)
Pat’s Pizza FREE Souvenir Cup w/ ANY $20 Purchase ($6 Savings
Ricos Manjares Mosita FREE Chips & Salsa w/ Purchase of a $12 Meal ($4 Savings)
L & L Concessions FREE Medium Drink w/ Purchase of Korean BBQ Beef Dip ($4 Savings)
Big Dogs FREE CHURRO w/ Purchase of Macho Nacho Bucket ($4 Savings)
Grinders – Wellmon Concessions Buy (2) Sandwiches & Get FREE Regular Fries ($5 Savings)
Rose’s Mexican Food FREE Medium Drink w/ Purchase of Dinosaur Nacho Fries ($4 Savings)
The Gingerbread Shop FREE Scoop of Ice Cream on Top of a Dessert (Not Valid on Certain Items / $1 Savings)
Mediterranean Foods FREE Spanakopita w/ Purchase of 2nd Spanakopita (Regularly $7)
Churro Soda Cart Buy ANY (2) Frozen Treats, Get a FREE Churro ($4.50 Savings)
Cornstars Buy (1) TAT-R-TOT, Get 2nd 50% OFF ($3.25 Savings)
Cinnamon Roll Stand On Concourse FREE Cinnamon Roll w/ Purchase of Two ($6 Savings)
Lobster Shack $2 Savings OFF Lobster Bisque (Soup) (Regularly $8)
17 Hands FREE Crispy Cinnamon Buñuelos w/ Purchase of ANY (2) Tacos ($4.50 Savings)
Cotton Candy Buy a Jumbo Cotton Candy, Get 50% OFF Family Size Popcorn ($4 Savings)
Cotton Candy Buy a Colossal Gourmet Apple and Get 50% OFF Family Size Popcorn
($4 Savings)
Reno’s Fish & Chips Buy (2) Orders of Deep Fried Fish Kabobs & Get a FREE Order of French Fries ($5 Savings)
Reno’s Fish & Chips Buy ANY (4) Tacos & Get a FREE order of French Fries ($5 Savings)
Reno’s Fish & Chips Buy (2) New Fish Nachos & Get a FREE Medium Drink ($4 Savings
Hot Dog On A Stick Fair Co. FREE Cream Cheese on a Stick w/ Purchase of ANY (3) Stick items
($5 Savings)
Dee’s Concessions Buy (4) Corn on the Cob, Get (1) FREE ($5 Savings)
Eat At Joes FREE 1/2 Order Zucchini Fries w/ Purchase of Giant Onion Rings ($3.25 Savings)
Australian Bat Tered Potatoes Buy (1) Extra Value Bucket w/ Ranch & Cheese Sauce, Get (1) Extra Ranch or Cheese Sauce for FREE ($1.75 Savings)
Australian Bat Tered Potatoes Buy (1) Extra Value Bucketm w/ Ranch & Cheese Sauce, Get (1) Spicy Chipotle Sauce for FREE ($2 Savings)
Crutchfield’s Fish And Chips FREE Medium Drink w/ Purchase of a Large Fried Zucchini ($4 Savings)
D&D Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls FREE Cinnamon Roll w/ Purchase of (2) Cinnamon Rolls ($6 Savings
Funnel Cake Express Inc. FREE Water Bottle w/ Purchase of ANY (2) Regular Funnel Cakes
($3 Savings)
Mom’s Bakeshoppe One FREE Ice Cream Sandwich w/ Purchase of a Large Tray of Cookies ($4 Savings)
Bacon A-Fair Buy (3) $9+ Entrees, Get FREE Bacon Bombs ($11 Savings)
Bacon A-Fair FREE Medium Drink w/ Purchase of Entree $8+ & Fries ($4 Savings
Rainbow Concessions Get a Super Pretzel for $1 w/ Purchase of a Large Treet Drink or Lemonade ($2.75 Savings)
Branders Candyland FREE 16oz Drink w/ Purchase of Jumbo Cotton Candy ($3 Savings)
Texas Donuts FREE 16oz Drink w/ Purchase of Honey Baked Ham Donut or Funnel Cake ($3 Savings)
West Coast Weenies FREE Souvenir Cup with Purchase of‭ (‬1‭) ‬Mega Dog‭ (‬Unicorn‭) ($‬6‭ ‬Savings‭)‬
Vendor Deal
Garlic Festivals Foods FREE Garlic Bread Seasoning $3 Value No Purchase Necessary While Supplies Last ($3 Savings)
Designer Style Sunglasses FREE Gift: Check Out our Selection of Sunglasses and Receive a FREE Gift, Just for Visiting Us! ($3-$5 Savings)
Old Time Photos $2 OFF 8×10 Photo Copy (Regularly $10)
Randy’s Pet Supply $1 OFF ALL Pet Tags & Embroidered Collars ($6 – $15 Savings)
Tupperware FREE Tupperware Gift w/ Purchase
Fallbrook Gem & Mineral Society ONE FREE TUMBLE STONE For Each Child Under 14 Good All Day Every Day of the Fair
Yoderdo Quilling Cards Get (1) FREE 4×4 Card or 6×6 Sale Card ONLY (Regularly $4 – $30)
Televac $1 OFF Handwriting Analysis (Regularly $4)
Buddha’s Gift 10% OFF ANY Purchase of Yoga Equipment (Price Varies)
Lakeside Scissors Sales 20% OFF All Nail Clippers (Regularly $1.95 – $39.95
I – Spin 10% OFF Purchase of Wind Spinner
Ultra Balm Skin Care 50% OFF of PREMIUM FACIAL CLEANSER CREAM (Regularly $20)
San Diego County Fair Official Souvenir Gifts Shops 15% OFF ALL Regular Priced Merchandise
Alpha 3d Greeting Card 20% OFFw/ Purchase of more than 5 Cards (Regularly $7)
Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics Coupon Special $195.95 (Regularly $345)
House Of Pistachios ANY 9 Bags $40 ($14 Savings)
Basic Layers FREE Hand Towels w/ Purchase of (2) Towels (Regularly $10)
All Wireless Accessories 10% OFF Total Sale (Up to $10 Savings)
Chapman Fashion International 20% OFF a “Custom Fit” Single Toe Ring Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled (Regularly $12-$180)
Allett Wallets FREE Mini Pen w/ Purchase of (2) Wallets ($15 Savings
Laser Teeth Whitening Laser Teeth Whitening PLUS FREE Home Kit for $79 ($199 Value)
Honeybee Buy (1) 8oz. Jar, Get (1) 2oz. Jar FREE ($10 Savings)
Ghost Scream Hot Sauce FREE Original Hot Sauce w/ Purchase of (2) Original Hot Sauces (Regularly $10)
Teakman Corp FREE Side Table w/ Purchase of $1,000+ (Regularly $165.99)
New England Leatherworks 20% OFF $25 Wallet (Regularly $25)
New England Leatherworks 25% OFF Wallet w/ Military ID (Regularly $25)
New England Leatherworks $10 OFF w/ the Purchase of (1) RFID Wallet (Regularly $45)
Fiesta Village Savings Estado de Mexico: Get 10% OFF Metal Embossing
Fiesta Village Savings Tonala, Jalisco: Get 20% OFF Total Purchase of $50+
Fiesta Village Savings Baja California: Buy (1) Iron Wood Double 6 Domino Set ($40), Get the 2nd 50% OFF w/ a FREE Personalized Engraving
Fiesta Village Savings Guerrero: Get a FREE Gift w/ Purchase of $10+
Fiesta Village Savings Oaxaca: Buy (3) Regular Handmade Bracelets for $5 (Regularly $3 each)
Fiesta Village Savings Tlaquepaque, Jalisco: Buy ANY $20+ Leather Handcrafted Item, Get a FREE Huarache Key Chain w/ Personalized Engraving ($4 value)
Fiesta Village Savings Huejuquilla, Jalisco: Buy ANY Large Huichol Bracelet, Get a FREE Small Handmade Huichol Bracelet ($8 value) (Regularly $46)
Fiesta Village Savings Baja California: Purchase (3) Iron Wood Keychains for $7 (Regularly $3.50 each)
Fiesta Village Savings Baja California: Buy (3) Iron Wood Pieces for $10 (Regularly $5 each)
Angelo’s Comics 20% OFF COMIC BOOKS Except Key Issues (Price Varies)
Angelo’s Comics Buy (10) Comics, Get (3) FREE (Regularly $1 per Comic Book)
Shasta Fashion $5 OFF on ANY Item $30 or more
Unique 20% OFF Titanium Rings ($15 Savings)
Body Jewelry Buy (1) Body Jewelry at Regular Price, Get (1) Body Jewelry 50% OFF
Advanced Exteriors Inc 26% OFF Rhino Shield Coating for the Exterior of Your Home
Karique Unrefined Shea Butter FREE Lip Balm w/ Purchase of a 4oz Jar of Karique Shea Butter (Value $5/ Not Sold Seperately)
California Sock Company Buy (4) Pairs, Get a 5th Pair FREE (Regularly $8 – $14)
All H.E.A.R.T 25% OFF 2nd Item of Equal or Lesser Value w/ Purchase of (1) Full Price Item (Regularly $8 – $140)
Upcycled Works Buy (1) Pocket Watch, Get 2nd 50% OFF (Regularly $10 / Save $5)
A-1 Rain Gutters 20% OFF an Entire Job – $200 Minimum (Regularly $6 – $8 per Foot Installation)
Made With Love Kids FREE HAIRBOW With $20 Purchase
Cosmas International 25% OFF a Custom 10 Piece Brush Set
Watkins Quality Products Buy ANY $5 to $11 items, Get $5 OFF Your Total! FIVE FOR FIFTY DOLLARS!!!
Southwestern Prospect & Miners Associates FREE Small Panning Kit w/ Purchase of New Membership (Regularly $25)
Usborne Books & More Spend $40, Get 20% OFF ($8 Savings)
Diploma Artwork FREE Upgrade on ANY of Our Frames at Our Regular Price (Save $10 – $20)
Dish Scrubbies FREE Scrubbie w/ $25+ Purchase ($5 Savings)
Nantec Llc – Tea Totaler™ 2 For $40 Plus FREE Pack of Tea Infusers (Regularly $65)
Autos Are Us FREE Hawaiian Steering Wheel Cover w/ Purchase of Hawaiian Seat Covers (Regularly $6.95)
Nostalgic Metal Signs (2) FREE Signs w/ Purchase of $100+ (Regularly $13.99)
Geoshi Designs $21 OFF the SuperPack Jewelry Cleaner (Regularly $66)
Nifty 50’s FREE Tote Bag w/ $100 Purchase ($10 Value)
Life Deck Coating Installations 10% OFF ANY JOB OVER $2500
Innovated Designs Buy (1), Get 2nd 50% OFF of Equal or Greater Value (Regularly 50% or more)
My Nail Makeover FREE Hand & Foot Lotion w/ ANY $35+ Purchase ($20 Savings)
Ella Bella Collection Buy $50-$99 get 5% OFF or Spend $100+, Get 10% OFF (Savings Vary)
Elephant, Etc FREE Keychain for Every $10 Spent ($3 Savings)
Florida’s Best 20% OFF ALL Orders of $100
Touch Of Mink $39.95 8oz Lotion, 4oz Moisturizer, 16oz Softouch Cleanser, Travel Bar (Regularly $59.50 / Save 33% / No substitutions)
My Fair Photo FREE High Resolution Digital Image w/ ANY Purchase ($8 Savings)
My Hearing Center WIN a Set of Hearing Aids! Enter Giveaway at Our Booth / (1) Winner per Week During Fair (Regularly $7,550)
San Diego Kitchen Pros $500 OFF New or Refaced Cabinets & FREE In Home Consultation Estimate
Creations Buy (1) Item, Get 2nd Item 50% OFF (Discount applies to any item of equal or lesser value)
Cutco Kitchen SAVE an Additional 5% on San Diego County Fair Set Specials
Tough Turtle Turf FREE Landscape Design & Estimate (Regularly $1,500)
High Seas Trading Co. $4 OFF ANY Purchase (Savings Vary)
Creative Outdoor Distributor FREE Pair of Barstools w/ Purchase of Game Table (Regularly $198)
Gudi’s Aromatherapy Buy (2) Essential Oils, Get the 3rd 20% OFF of Equal or Lesser Value
Pizzazz Unlimited Spend $15, Get (1) Jewelry Grab Bag FREE (Regularly $6 – $12)
Love Create And Help Buy ANY Product at $6+ and Get a FREE Hem Incense Box (Savings Vary)
Hats & Body Jewelry Buy (1) Hat or Body Jewelry at Regular Price, Get (1) Hat or Body Jewelry 50% OFF
Vendor Deal
Goldfish Galore 50% OFF (1) Game of 15 Balls ($2 Savings)
Amusement Management International $10 OFF BUNGEE JUMP
Face Painting By Kc $1 OFF a Face Painting of $5 or More (Regularly $5-$12)
Alpine Bobs Ride 2 Tickets OFF Regular Price with Coupon (Regularly (6) Tickets)
Beetle Bobs 1 Ticket OFF Regular Price with Coupon (Regularly (4) Tickets)
Home Sweet Home Stage $2 OFF Week day Sessions 4PM & 5PM (Regularly $10)
Ring-A-Duck (Pauls Concessions) Buy One, Get One FREE (Up to $5 value)
Basketball Toss (Pauls Concessions) Buy One, Get One FREE (Up to $5 value)
Archery House Receive a FREE $5 Try Archery Package with Purchase of a $10 Package or Greater (Price varies per package)
Winky The Whale Buy (1) Ride on Winky the Whale, Get a 2nd Ride or 2nd Rider Half OFF (Regularly 4 Tickets
Dive Bomber Buy (1) Ride on the Dive Bomber, Get a 2nd Ride or 2nd Rider Half OFF (Regularly 4 Tickets)
Crystal Psychic $5 OFF ANY $10 Reading (Regularly $10)
Creative Henna Body Art Get $5 OFF ANY Henna Art of $30 or More (One coupon per person / Regula