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Guest Services

Guest Services

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Skateboard, Roller Skates, Hoverboards

Do not bring skateboards, hoverboards, foot-powered scooters, roller skates, shoes with wheels in the soles, and similar types of wheeled transportation.

Wagons intended for the transport of small children may be brought into the Fair. Please see Strollers and Wagons for more information.


We prefer you use a hat to shield yourself from the sun. Umbrellas can not be more than three feet in diameter. Please do not use an umbrella in crowded areas.

Cigarettes & Smoking

The San Diego County Fair is a no-smoking, no-vaping event. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes and e-cigarettes are not allowed. The Fair does not have designated smoking areas.

Clothing Policies

The 22nd District Agricultural Association reserves the right to prohibit visitors to the Del Mar Fairgrounds who wear clothing that could create a distraction and/or
who are not properly attired. All clothing must be family-friendly.

Guests are required to wear footwear and shirts at all times.

Prohibited attire:

  • Clothing displaying offensive messages/language
  • Masks
  • Transparent clothing
  • Clothing that exposes inappropriate portions of the body, such as string bikini tops, G-strings, bikini bottoms, etc.
  • Clothing that identifies the wearer as part of a gang


For the safety of our guests and employees, guns may not be brought onto the Fairgrounds.

However, off-duty, qualified law enforcement officers (as defined in 18 U.S.C. section 926B) or qualified, retired law enforcement officers (as defined in 18 U.S.C. section 926C) will be allowed to carry concealed weapons into the Fair. These individuals must identify themselves to Security at the Fair’s entrances with the proper credentials required by law. The credentials required of qualified off-duty or retired law enforcement officers by 18 U.S.C. sections 926B and 926C will be verified by a San Diego County Sheriff’s deputy.

In addition, qualified off-duty and retired law enforcement officers will be required to sign a document attesting to their compliance with all pertinent state and federal laws and the policies and procedures of their individual employers; and, that they are not at the time of entry, nor will be while on the Fairgrounds, under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating or hallucinatory drug.

Promotional Materials

Unauthorized solicitation of business of any kind with patrons, contracted vendors, and/or performers is strictly prohibited. Unapproved solicitors will be escorted off grounds and unauthorized promotional materials will be confiscated.

A fine of $200 per occurrence will be assessed to any performer, performance group, vendor, radio station or other Fair participant whose unapproved promotional materials are found anywhere on the grounds.

Large Bags

You may bring backpacks, diaper bags, tote bags and other large bags with you. All bags and parcels will be inspected as you enter the Fair. You will need to unzip (unsnap, untie, etc.) all compartments so security personnel can look inside.

Selfie Sticks

For safety reasons, selfie sticks are strictly prohibited and may not be brought onto the Fairgrounds during the San Diego County Fair.

Camera Usage

Preserving memories of your day at the San Diego County Fair is important, and we encourage you to take lots of photos. But we do have some restrictions on where cameras and other photo-taking devices can and can not be used.

Prohibited or restricted camera equipment and activities

  • Any photography activities that may be deemed a nuisance to the enjoyment of others is prohibited. An example is holding your smartphone where it blocks someone else’s view.
  • Selfie sticks are prohibited at all times. You may not bring a selfie stick into the Fair.
  • Tripods are not permitted in the Fun Zone, or in any area where they might be a trip hazard to others. We prefer you use a monopod to steady your camera, and it must be extended and retracted just before and after you use it.

Camera use during stage performances

We have camera and photography restrictions during stage performances involving contracted entertainers (Grandstand, Paddock Concert Series, Solid Gold Concert Series, and others), which are:

  • No flash photography
  • No cameras with removable lenses
  • No tablets
  • No video or audio recording

First Aid

The First Aid office is located on the east end of the Grandstand, near Guest Services. The San Diego County Fair has a staff of EMTs and other health-care professionals who can treat minor injuries and assess when a Fair guest should be transported to a hospital.

First Aid can come to you if you are hurt on the Fairgrounds. Please contact the nearest uniformed Fair employee, so he or she can summon our First Aid team.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

More than 30 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are located throughout the Fairgrounds, and can be used by anyone by simply following the voice instructions that occur when the AED is opened.


The San Diego County Fair has a full Safety Services staff who are trained to handle any emergency. Should you be at the Fair during an earthquake or other emergency, please follow the instructions of uniformed Fair personnel.

ATMs and credit cards

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are located throughout the Fairgrounds; please consult the Fair map for locations.

Major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express) are accepted at the Fair’s Box Office. Some or all of those credit cards are accepted at most food and product vendor booths.

Sensory Inclusion

Patrons with autism and other sensory-sensitive conditions may find the sights and sounds of the Fair challenging and overwhelming. To help make their visit more enjoyable, the Fair has partnered with KultureCity, whose Sensory Inclusion program has been successfully implemented in various public venues across the United States. The Fair will offer two Sensory Stations, as well as noise-cancelling headphones and other tools, at no charge. Visit the Guest Services Office in the East Grandstand for more information.

Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations for most services can be provided with at least 72 hours of notice. Please allow at least two weeks notice for American Sign Language interpreter service. If additional assistance is needed, please contact Amy Billburg at (858) 792-4217 or All messages will be returned as soon as possible. Please allow 72 hours for a response. If immediate assistance is needed, please call our 24-hour dispatch number, (858) 792-4271. They will be able to contact staff members who will be able to assist.

Claiming a Found Item – Fairtime

This procedure was revised as of June 20, 2018.

After you have heard from Guest Services that they definitely or may have your
lost item, this is how to return to the Fair to claim it, and get a refund for parking and admission:

  • Come to the Main Parking Lot.
  • As you enter the parking lot, explain to the attendant you are picking up a lost
    item. The attendant will direct you to a temporary parking lot. If you are alone, you will need to pay the $15 parking charge temporarily. You will be given a parking receipt to be stamped at the Guest Services office. If you come with a companion, the companion can stay in the car in the temporary lot and you will not be charged for parking.
  • Come to the Will Call window, to the left of the O’Brien (main) gate. Explain you are picking up a lost item. The attendant will charge you for the appropriate admission price and give you a receipt.
  • Go directly to Guest Services to pick up your item, have your admission and parking receipts stamped, and then immediately leave the Fair. Get your admission back from Will Call, and get your parking fee refunded as you leave the temporary lot.

You will have about an hour to complete your task, if you would like a refund of your admission cost. You will be charged for parking if you do not return to your car in a timely manner.

Or, you can come to the Fairgrounds after the Fair has ended for the season to pick up your item. If you choose to do this, please call Guest Services at (858) 794-1124 for an appointment.


The only animals allowed on the grounds are service animals and animals on exhibit or used in entertainment. We do not have day-care accommodations for pets.

Service dogs are welcome at the Fair, but “comfort animals” do not qualify under the ADA guidelines from the Department of Justice and will not be allowed into the Fair. Please refer to our Service Dog Policy or the ADA Frequently Asked Questions About Service Dogs for all other details and the full definition.

Claiming a Found Item – After The Fair

This procedure was added as of July 1, 2018.

After the Fair has ended, Guest Services staff will be here for about a week to reunite Fair guests with their lost items. Please call (858) 794-1124 for an appointment on the following dates: July 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13. After July 13, access to the Fairgrounds is restricted because the thoroughbred race meet begins. Call (858) 755-1161 after that date if you are still looking for an item lost during the Fair. All unclaimed items are donated to charity after September 1.

Reporting a Lost Item

If you lose something at the San Diego County Fair:

Please call 858-794-1124. You must leave a voicemail message. Be sure to:

  • Let us know if you have filed a Lost Item report, and if you did, tell us on what
    date and what the report number is. If we mailed you a card, let us know that and
    what you think we might have of yours.
  • Describe the lost item, using as much detail as you can, including the date you
    attended the Fair. (See examples below.)
  • Speak clearly. When you leave your name and phone number, speak slowly
    enough that we can write down your phone number. Spell your name if you think
    that will help us to find your records.
  • If you lost a cell phone, please include the phone brand (such as Samsung, iPhone,
    etc.) and the phone service (such as AT&T or Verizon), as well as any other
    information that will help identify your phone (such as distinctive case or custom
  • If you lost keys, please include information such as an approximate number of
    keys; if it is a keyless fob; whether they are car, home or office keys; and whether there is a key ring
    decorative item. If so, describe the decorative item; and other detailed information that will help
    us identify which set of lost keys are yours.

Lost People

Children who have become separated from their parents are brought to the Guest Services office, where they will have a quiet place to wait. We act quickly to find lost children and reunite them with their parents. Children who become separated from their parents should go to a uniformed Fair employee, or a Fair ambassador wearing a royal-blue shirt or jacket.

Take a photo

Parents are encouraged to use their mobile phone to take a photo of their child on arrival. Should you become separated, a photo will help our Safety and Security Team to quickly find the child.

Wear a “people find” bracelet

We recommend that children, and adults who would find it useful, to wear a “People Find” bracelet, which is available at the Information Booths and in Guest Services. Write a mobile phone number (but not the child’s name) on the inside of the wristband, where it is accessible to Fair personnel but not to the public. These wristbands may be worn by anyone of any age who is unable to remember a phone number.

Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD)

All mobility devices:

  • The maximum speed for any powered mobility device is equal to walking pedestrians. Anyone operating their mobility device, regardless of type, in a manner deemed unsafe  will be warned to use their mobility device appropriately.
  • Operators of mobility devices must yield to pedestrians.
  • No device can be attached to any mobility device while at the Fair.
  • If an individual chooses not to comply, he or she will be asked to leave the Fairgrounds property.
  • All mobility devices, including OPDMDs, will be hand-screened by Security.

OPDMD device greater than 24″x48″ may be used under the following rules:

  1. The anticipated attendance is less than 31,500.
  2. An OPDMD may not be left unattended at any time. The Del Mar Fairgrounds and 22nd District Agricultural Association (22nd DAA) is not responsible for any theft or damage of any unattended OPDMD. The exceptions are wheelchairs and scooters that are in the Grandstand for concerts or by the fence at the San Diego Showcase Stage.
  3. No mobility device may be used in area that has a turning radius of less than 3 inches per 12 inches of length of their device. (For example, the ADA footprint for a standard wheelchair is 48 inches; therefore, there would need to be 60 inches (5 feet) of clear turning radius for a device to be considered accessible in the area).
  4. A path of travel must be the width of the device plus 3 feet for other pedestrians.
  5. No OPDMD may be stationary less than 20 feet from any entrance or exit. The only exception is if foot traffic is at a standstill.
  6. An OPDMD must be less than 84 inches in height, including occupant(s), to be inside any building with standard doors.
  7. OPDMDs may be restricted from any area the general public may enter if the Fairgrounds has determined usage of an OPDMD is inappropriate or unsafe.
  8. Not all facilities and areas are accessible for mobility devices that are greater than 48 inches in length.
  9. OMPMD must have three or more wheels. Exceptions will be made for Segways that are used as a mobility device.

Wheelchairs & Motorized Scooters

Guests with disabilities may bring in wheelchairs and motorized scooters with three or more wheels that comply with the ADA wheelchair foot print to be used as a mobility device.

Wheelchair and electric scooter rental locations are at the O’Brien and Arena Gates. Wheelchairs and motorized scooters may be reserved up to 9:00PM the day prior to your visit by calling (262) 677-2696 or by using the online reservations links below. For all rentals, a driver’s license will be held as a deposit. If not reserved in advance, wheelchair and scooter rentals are first-come, first-served.

2018 Wheelchair and Scooter Rentals

Wheelchair rentals – $25.00 per day –  Advance reservations for wheelchairs
Scooter rentals – $60.00 per day; $40.00 after 6:00PM – Advance reservations for scooters

Service Dogs

Service dogs are welcome at the Fair.

Relief areas are designated with signs in four locations:

  1. On the west side of Bing Crosby Hall, between the hall and the Seaside Pavilion;
  2. On bark (in the Tunnel) between the Grandstand and Paddock area;
  3. In Family Funville at the West of Fiesta Village by the tunnel leading to the Fun Zone; and
  4. Across from the southeast corner of the Livestock Barn.

Please note that “comfort dogs” do not qualify under the ADA guidelines from the Department of Justice and will not be allowed into the Fair. Please refer to our Service Dog Policy or the ADA Frequently Asked Questions About Service Dogs for all other details and the full definition.

Parking For Disabled Patrons

  • Accessible parking exceeding what is required by law is provided in our Main Parking Lot off Jimmy Durante Boulevard with paid parking. All satellite parking lots have accessible parking spaces as required by law.
  • All parking is first-come, first-served.
  • RVs and any vehicle that cannot fit into one parking space are not allowed.
  • The Fair operates off-site parking at several locations, with each having marked accessible parking and accessible transportation shuttles. Please see the parking page for details.
  • The San Diego County Fair is accessible by Public Transit and Access/Lift. For more information call (619) 233-3004 or your Para-transit provider.

Admission Policies & Accessible Entrances

One companion or personal assistant is admitted at the admission gate at no charge with the paid admission of the disabled person. (Please note: This courtesy does not extend to admission at concerts that require tickets, or midway rides.)

Accessible entrances to the Fair are the O’Brien and West Gates. The O’Brien Gate is closest to accessible parking and off-site parking lot shuttles. The West Gate is where the North County Transit District buses stop. Arena Gate is surrounded by a hard dirt surface which can be maneuvered by most wheelchairs, but does not fully comply with the ADA definition of an accessible path of travel.

View a map noting accessible routes and TDD locations. This map also is available at Information Booths and Guest Services.

Grandstand Seating

Grandstand concert seating policies: Early line-up and admission is provided for people needing assistance. People requesting assistance should arrive two hours prior to the concert at the third floor of the Grandstand. Wait in the foyer to be seated inside the Grandstand. The person with a disability will be allowed early access with four companions. (For paid shows and reserved-seat sections of other shows, everyone will need to have a ticket). Additional family members or friends will need to wait in line with the rest of the public.

Please note: on July 4, one companion will be allowed to accompany the disabled patron into ADA seating. Saving more than two seats is prohibited.

Questions can be answered at the Ticket Office or call the ADA Coordinator at (858) 792-4217. The ADA Coordinator, her staff and Ambassadors (staff in blue shirts or jackets) will be present for any assistance that may be needed.

Ride Policies

Insurance requires all individuals on a ride to pay. ADA law does not require that the Fair allow free admission on rides for individuals assisting a person with a
disability. (Note: The San Diego County Fair gives free admission for assistants at the entrance gates only.)

Individuals with a disability may ride on any ride when they meet the following criteria:

  • If they can board in a manner that the ride requires without the help of the operator or other Fair patron; and
  • If they meet the requirements set forth by the manufacturer of the ride.

Medical Cast Waivers

All guests who wear orthopedic casts, body casts, plaster casts, or surgical casts are required to sign a waiver for rides. Guests under age 18 must have an adult present to sign the waiver. Waivers may be obtained in Guest Services or at the Concessions office on the third floor at the west end of the Grandstand.

Folding Chairs

If a disability requires you to sit frequently, you may bring a folding chair with the following restrictions:

  • Chairs may not be used in the following locations:
    • Fun Zone
    • Grandstand (other than wheelchair seating area)
    • Coors Light Rock On Stage
    • Paddock area during the Paddock Concert Series
    • San Diego Showcase Stage during the Solid Gold Series
  • You may not obstruct pedestrian traffic. If a staff member asks you to move your chair, please comply.

Rooms For Special Needs

The Fair’s restrooms have stalls for disabled visitors, and changing tables.

A private restroom large enough for a wheelchair plus a caregiver is available at Guest Services (First Floor, East Grandstand).

Guest Services has a quiet room for nursing mothers, parents of infants, or families with special needs. The room is equipped with a high chair, changing table, and related amenities. A similar quiet room with the same amenities is in the Creative Youth Tent in Family Funville.

Strollers & Wagons

Small children may be pulled in a wagon at walking speed by adults or responsible older children. Guests also may bring strollers for small children, or rent one at the Fair.

Stroller rentals $12.00 per day
Wagon/double stroller rentals $17.00 per day

Food & Beverages

You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages to the Fair; however, alcohol, glass containers and metal knives and forks are prohibited. All beverages must be in factory-sealed containers, meaning reusable containers such as sports water bottles and sippy cups cannot contain beverages when you go through the security check at the entrances.

Storing Items at the Fair


Locker rental is $5.00 per day, plus a $5.00 key deposit. Lockers measure approximately 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall by 18 inches deep. Parcels of any size may be checked at the stroller/wheelchair booths for the same price as the lockers. Both the lockers and parcel check-in have day-long in-and-out privileges.

Coolers and ice chests

You may bring a cooler with your own food and beverage (please see restrictions). Complimentary cooler check-in is offered at our Guest Services office. Your cooler will be searched as you enter the grounds.

Knives & Sharp Things

All sharp metal objects, such as pocket knives, tableware and scissors are strictly prohibited, as are guns and other weapons. If you have any of these items when you reach the security checkpoint, you can either take them back to your vehicle or dispose of them.

An exception is made for shears, which are considered tools, that Fair guests intend to trade, sell, or have repaired through an authorized Fair vendor. Shears must be properly identified and displayed before entering the gates. We recommend that you tape shut the blades of the shears.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray and similar sprays intended for self-defence are prohibited. The San Diego County Fair prohibits anything that can be used as a weapon.

Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are strictly prohibited, and will be confiscated during the gate security check.


You may ride your bicycle to the San Diego County Fair, but you may not bring it inside the gates. Complementary bike racks are set up at the O’Brien Gate (“main gate”) and the West Gate (near the Fun Zone). You may use your own lock to secure your bike at either location.

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We’re the San Diego County Fair and we send fun emails.
If you sign up for our email list, we pinky swear that we’ll only send you the good stuff. (must be at least 13 years old)

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