Her Bed of Thorns

Free with Fair Admission
Next date: June 23, 2018
Next time: 9:30 pm
Next location: Plaza Stage

In a global music scene where most bands find themselves following a trend to get noticed, few bands keep to their roots and stay true to the sound that define the members as musicians.

San Diego’s Her Bed of Thorns takes pride in breaking that mold and showcases the elements that made rock ‘n’ roll what it always has been about; attitude, energy, musicianship and, in this case, the Southern California coastal lifestyle.

Her Bed of Thorns’ debut album “Alive” was played on rock radio stations from California to New York City. The Asylum film company featured tracks such as “Better Way” and “Broken” in their films including “Asteroid vs Earth.” The band continues to rock with their fans at local venues, along with writing and recording tracks for their upcoming album release.