Summer of Robotics

Can your robot meet the challenge?


We’ve partnered with SouthWest Robotics in Science Education to bring you the Summer of Robotics. School teams and robotics hobbyists can enter their robotics in several weekend contests in the San Diego County Fair Summer of Robotics.

The Fine Print

Trophies and commemorative buttons will be awarded to all finalists.

The entry fee is $25, and includes free Fair admission. Entry fees are non-refundable.


Yes, a team may register one team per class/competition (may attend multiple classes). Coaches may register multiple teams within the same class/competition.

Yes. They are:

FIRST® Robotics Contest and FIRST® Tech Challenge Contest: 15 students plus two coaches

Botball® Robotics Contest and FIRST® LEGO® League Contest: 10 students plus two coaches

Follow The Line and SUMO matches: Five students plus two coaches

For help in online registration: Get in touch online or call us at (858) 792-4207.

For questions about competition rules and logistics: Contact SWRiSE at

Entry Information

Summer of Robotics schedule:
Saturday, June 3: FIRST® Robotics Contest
Saturday, June 10: FIRST® Tech Challenge Contest
Sunday, June 11: Follow The Line, SUMO matches, and FIRST® LEGO® League Contest
Saturday, June 24: Botball® Robotics Contest

Registration deadline: Register online by Friday, May 19, at 11:59PM. The deadline has passed; registration is closed.

Summer of Robotics Contest Info
State Rules
Local Rules

Who Won the Ribbons

Congratulations to those who won awards in the 2017 Summer of Robotics.

June 3 – FIRST Robotics

First place – Alan Hernandez, student; Philip Lutgen, teacher; North County Trade Tech High, Vista
Second place – Grace Levier, student; Yun Lutgen, teacher; San Pasqual High School, Escondido
Third place – Madeleine Heideman, student; Matt Heideman, teacher; Beckman High School, Irvine

June 10 – FIRST Tech

First place – RSF Intergalatic Dragons, Rancho Santa Fe Middle School. Coach, David Warner; Students, Malcolm McDonough, Daniel Scuba, David Scuba, Brandon Shen, Wasay Zaman

Second place – Rise of Hephaestus, Point Loma Senior High School. Coach, Matt Nilsen; Students, Allison Trent, Konrad Zirkle, Collin Nilsen, Ethan Cooper, JD Schrady, Conner McCully, Andrew Trent, Casey Wilson, Shanon Lee, Hailey Schmidt, Austin Schmidt, Sarah Thomson, Eric Schuster.

Third Place – Sloth Slowbotics, High Tech High School Point Loma. Coach, Greg Flemming, John Brown; Students, Quinten Fleming, Lucia Brown-Velandia, Michelle Brown-Velandia, Jake Blancas, Dominic Jaikaran, Kai Klein.

June 11 – FIRST Lego League

First place – RSF Flaming LEGOS, Rancho Santa Fe Middle School. Coach, John Galipault; Students, Alexandra Linlor, Tom Wang, James Russeth, Kayla Zelnick, Jacqueline Zelnick.

Second place – Junior Hammer Heads, Cubberley Elementary. Coach, Frank Ho. (Student names not available.)

Third place – TdS Robos, Tierra Del Sol Middle School. Coaches, Johnny Nguyen, Scott Goergens, Cynthia Stroman; Students, Amy Potter, Mathew Piasecki, Jamie Henninger, John-David Perreault, Devyn McGowen, Albert Lafreniere, Ivan Castaneda, Esteban Pale, Jamal Chacon, Kiyam Merali.

June 11 – Line Follow

First Place – Harry Botters, Meadowbrook Middle School. Coach, Namita Dandekar. (Student names not available.)

Second place – Tech Masters, Mission Estancia Elementary School. Coaches, Vivian Lee, Barbra Larson; Students, Laurence Yu, Lucas Larson, Guyton Young, Kelton Masterson, Caden Gluhuk, Shawn Bhatka.

Third place: Team Kauffman, Cajon Park Elementary School. Coach, Jacob Kauffman. (Student names not available.)

June 11 – SUMO

First place: Natron, Robolink Inc. Coach: Carl Poblete

Second place: WiiSooSmaart3, Robolink Inc. Coach: Carl Poblete

Third place: The Terrible Fire Breathing Duckies of Doom, Robolink Inc. Coach: Carl Poblete

June 24 – Botball

1st Seeding Rank: River Valley Robotics, River Valley Charter School. Coach, Brian Sparks.

2nd Seeding Rank: Wilson #1, Wilson Middle School. Coach, Phet Pease.

3rd Seeding Rank: Wilson #2, Wilson Middle School. Coach, Phet Pease.

1st Double Elimination: River Valley Robotics, River Valley Charter School. Coach, Brian Sparks.

2nd Double Elimination: Ospreys, Fair School Robotics. Coach, Ron Reedy.

3rd Double Elimination: Wilson #1, Wilson Middle School. Coach, Phet Pease.

San Diego County Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds