Home & Hobby Contests

Cook or craft your way to a blue ribbon!


If you like to cook, knit, quilt or craft, our one-day Home & Hobby contests are for you! Make something, then take it to the Fair on contest day, where your entry form, recipe (for the cooking contests) and your entry will admit you to the Fair for free! Open to adults 18 and older.

Similar contests for kids and teens are on the Creative Youth Contests page.

Results are posted farther down the page.

Entry Information

Registration deadline: Register the day of the contest by bringing your entry, the entry form and recipe form (for cooking contests) to the Fair by 12:45PM. Contest judging starts at 1:00PM in the Home & Hobby Exhibit, 2nd floor, West Grandstand.

Contest Info and Entry Form

The Fine Print

Got questions about these contests? We have the answers! For more details, see the Contest Info.

The Fair awards ribbons for first through fifth place, unless otherwise stated in the entry materials. In some cases, a contest win qualifies you for a higher competition. Please see the contest materials for specifics.

Participants bring their entry, entry form and recipe form (for cooking contests) to the Fair by 12:45PM on contest day. Participants will receive free admission. Please see the contest information for additional details.

There is no entry fee; in fact, participants get free Fair admission!

One entry per class, unless otherwise stated. Most contests have more than one class, and you may enter one item in each class.

See the Competitive Exhibits section for information on entering your cooking, baking, crafts, collections, table settings and more in the Fair’s Home & Hobby exhibit.

Get in touch online or call us at (858) 792-4207.

Who Won The Ribbons

Congratulations to those who won awards and ribbons in the 2018 Home & Hobby contests.

June 8 – Help A Child Smile Contest

First – Karolyn Hart, San Marcos
Second – Ann Nathman, El Cajon
Third –  Cheri Chandler, San Diego
Fourth – Stephanie Tilburg, San Diego

First – Jessica Volper, Lakeside
Second – Ann Nathman, El Cajon
Third – Helen Brady, San Diego
Fourth – Estelle Voelker, La Mesa
Fifth – Gene Saunders, Murrieta

First – Elizabeth Chao, San Diego
Second – Ann Nathman, El Cajon
Third – Shirley Voelker, La Mesa

Professional, Any Item:
First – Helen Brady, San Diego

June 9 – Yarn Blocks Contest

First – Elizabeth Chao, San Diego
Second – Brenda Horowitz, San Diego
Third – Lois Chaddock, Carlsbad
Fourth – Shirley Weitzman, San Diego
Fifth – Lola Everett, Chula Vista

First – Victoria L. Walsh, La Mesa
Second – Mary T. Walsh, La Mesa
Third – Estelle Voelker, La Mesa
Fourth – Karen Hubbard, Lakeside
Fifth – Cheri Chandler, San Diego

June 13 – Pie Contest

First – Jennifer Shenefield, La Mesa
Second – Teresa Jesse, Murrieta
Third – Joyce Raffo, Carlsbad
Fourth – Donna Jesse, Poway
Fifth – Shannon Casey, Carlsbad

First – Sandra Sheppard, Escondido
Second – Janet Anderson, Lakeside
Third – Steve Collins, San Diego

June 15 – Quilt of Valor Quilt Block Contest

Machine or hand piece:
First – Sylvia Pierce, Poway
Second – Michelle Arthur, El Cajon
Third – Marilynn Hersey, Ramona
Fourth – Nancy Kay Simonides, Lakeside
Fifth – Ivana Trecroce, Escondido

Applique technique:
First – Karolyn Hart, San Marcos
Second – Brenda Alcasid, San Diego
Third – Lorna Cress, Carlsbad
Fourth – Sandra Sheppard, Escondido
Fifth – Judith Endeman, El Cajon

June 16 – San Diego Cake Club Chocolate Contest

First – James Foran, San Diego
Second – Sandra Sheppard, Escondido

First – Ginn Flores, Hemet
Second – Tanya Dorocak, Carlsbad
Third – Sandra Sheppard, Escondido

First – Yuvika Rajan, San Diego
Second – Sandra Sheppard, Escondido
Third – Heidi Cornwell, Oceanside

June 20 – Upcycled Apron Contest

Most Unique:
First – Marcia Farley, Carlsbad
Second – Vilma Alcasid, San Diego
Third – Richard Good, San Diego
Fourth – Shane Jost, San Diego
Fifth – Krystal Hodges, Poway

Most Useful:
First – Carol Scott, Temecula
Second – Leonard Alcasid, San Diego
Third – Brandon Fox, Carlsbad
Fourth – Francoise Tracy, Escondido
Fifth – Peter Metcalfe, San Marcos

Fair Theme:
First – Steve Collins, San Diego
Second – Theresa Alise Baker, Ramona
Third – Marqueice Jones, Carlsbad
Fourth – Tyshawn Thomas, Escondido
Fifth – Judie Dresser, San Diego

Most Recycled Materials (80%+):
First – Brenda Alcasid, San Diego
Second – Lee Metcalfe, San Marcos
Third – Elham K, Carlsbad
Fourth – Neda G, Carlsbad
Fifth – Michelle Pearo, Temecula

June 22 – Lizzie’s Cake Couture Candy Sculpting Contest

“How Sweet It Is” One of a Kind Creation
First – Brenda Alcasid, San Diego
Second – Steve Collins, San Diego
Third – Mark Thomas, San Diego

June 23 – Great American SPAM Championship

First – Gina Flores, Hemet
Second – Catherine Paolillo, San Diego
Third – Pamela Ryerson, El Cajon

June 29 – Kombucha Contest

First – Not awarded
Second – Sean Pires, Menifee

First – Juan Ojeda, Cardiff by the Sea
Second – Brenda Alcasid, San Diego
Third – Felice Presley, La Mesa

June 30 – Queso Diego’s Say Cheese Contest

First – Jessica Bolger Voytek, San Diego
Second – Curt Wittenberg, Encinitas
Third – Sadie Rose Steinke, Escondido

First – Curt Wittenberg, Encinitas
Second – Samuel Manis, Jamul
Third – Jessica Bolger Voytek, San Diego

Bloomy Cow
First – Jessica Bolger Voytek, San Diego
Second – Not awarded
Third – Sabine Friedrich-Walter, Escondido

Bloomy Goat
First – Sadie Rose Steinke, Escondido
Second – Samuel Manis, Jamul
Third – Jessica Bolger Voytek, San Diego

Blue Mold
First – Jessica Bolger Voytek, San Diego
Second – Jessica Bolger Voytek, San Diego

First and Best of Sbow – Christian Banker, Ocean Beach 
Second – Jessica Bolger Voytek, San Diego
Third – Larry Stein, San Diego

Cheddar and American Style
First – Marci Richards, San Diego
Second – Curt Wittenberg, Encinitas
Third – Jessica Bolger Voytek, San Diego

First – Christian Banker, Ocean Beach
Second – Christian Banker, Ocean Beach
Third – Christian Banker, Ocean Beach

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